James Wang

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I'm James Wang, a Taiwanese-born designer and coder with a passion for clean and functional websites. I graduated in 2012 from Boston University and accomplished a Master Degree of E-Commerence. I was elected Taiwanese Student Association President in 2011. During my time at college and graduate school I discovered and embraced my creativeness, innovative ideas within the web.

My passion lies in the front/middle layers, because that is where the design and coding combination lies -- the aspects that require deep thought. E-Commerce is an industry that combines three dimensions - business, technology and design. Those are what I am interested in.


CS technolgy and business

I am a hybrid person. I have both technology background (coding, computer science) and business background (management, analysis and marketing) from various universities and graduate schools.

Business and Technology pie chart

Coding and design

To compare with my computer science knowledge, I also have sense of aesthetics. I know the knowledge and skills of graphic design.

Design and Coding pie chart

I love clear codes, beautiful design, friendly user experience, and talking about new creative business ideas. Besides my day job, I keep my blog (http://baronet-j.blogspot.com/) to write about new web technology, travel notes and ideas. And I also do some side projects with my friends.

I am also called a:

- Front-end web developer
- Web designer
- UI/UX developer
- iOS App developer
- SEO specialist

but don't call me:

- Lebron


- Been active with computer world and the Internet since the early days (pre 1995) and have witnessed its evolution. My first desktop was the so-called 486DX-66.
- Built my first website by note pad for my classmates in 1995 (sixth grade).
- Learned hardware assembly by myself and was the computer hardware and OS doctor within my circle of friends and classmates since 1995.
- - Recently picked up objective-c and lead a team to build iOS app in MVC.

Current side/hobby project includes:

- Writing iOS app since Dec.2012
- Building Opencart website since Jan.2012

Lego Mac

Skill Set

Web Development Skill:

A. Client-side languages

• Handed code HTML5 and CSS3.
• Responsive Design
• Debugged and Utilized Java Script / jQuery

B. Server-side languages

• Experienced in VB.NET and C#.NET 2.0
• Java (basic)
• Objective-C (basic)
• Source code control management – Git / Github

C. CMS (Content Management System)

• Joomla
• Drupal
• Wordpress (basic)
• Opencart

Database development Skill:

• Experienced in SQL Server 2005, Oracle 11g. MySQL
• ER model, UML and database normalization
• SQL Query
• Microsoft Visio

E- Commerce Marketing:

• Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) Certificate, License 01612684
• Competitor Analysis & Keyword Research
• Web Analytics and SEO Status Report tools: Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools
• Paid Search advertising: Google AdWorks, BloggerAds
• Email Marketing tool: MailChimp (Customized template)
• Onsite optimization: Cross browser compatibility, Sitemap creation, Landing page, Robots.txt...etc
• A/B testing and Multivariate Testing

Management Skill:

• Experienced in MS Project 2010
• Microsoft Office

Graphic and Multimedia Skill:

• Adobe Dreamweaver
• Adobe Photoshop, Flash (basic)
• Adobe Premiere
• Power Director, iMovie, Final Cut Pro

BU graduated


Boston University, Boston, MA

M.S. in E-Commerce, Systems and Technology,
May 2012

Yuan-Ze University,Taoyuan, Taiwan

B.B.A. in Information Management,
Jun 2007

 snap shot of my desktop


Agape Dental Group, San Jose, CA

Web and System Developer Intern
(Oct. 2012 – Jan. 2013)

• Constructed website functions and UI for Agape’s NPO(Agape Asian Mission)
• Developed front desk systems for the three clinics.
• Analyzed SEO data and executed SEO plan.
• Improved and planned brand development and marketing strategy.

Ministry of National Defense General Service Command, Taipei, Taiwan

Information Corporal
(2007 - 2008)

• Developed new functions for the Vehicle Maintenance System using ASP.NET. Ex: Converted static report, Calculated components consumption.
• Administered and maintained all the computer hardware.
• Standardized and tuned the system and hardware to fit military standard.

System Develop Department, President Information Corp., Taipei Taiwan

Associate Engineer
(2006 - 2007)

• Coded programs with C#.NET to maintain E-Commerce routine
• Developed functions of internal B2B system by C#.NET.
• Utilized SQL to provide customers with necessary marketing data by SQL Server. Ex:Daily Transitions Report, Membership Report.

present at workshop


Taiwanese Student Association, Boston University, Boston, MA

President (2011-2012)

• Planned and coordinated campus-wide events for up to 200 members.
• Organized and implemented BUTSA online and non-online marketing plan. Made BUTSA become one of the main Taiwanese students associations in the greater Boston area.
• Corresponded and built excellent reputation with other local organizations and the Taiwan government.

J's Bar

       It is a website project for my multimedia and online marketing class. I choose the topic which is combined two things I would like to do - making friends and mixing cocktails. It is not a real bar but it is a cozy place for me and my friends. In the end, I got "A+" for this class. The website and Facebook fan page are still alive. Welcome to visit and like it. Enjoy !